We offer individual sightseeing tours and pay attention to our clients. During our 1-2 hour trips with us you will see all the sights of Valencia you have to visit, especially when you arrive in Valencia during a cruise ship tour with little time to spend during your stay.

Route 1: Historic Valencia:

Mercado Colon, Plaza de Torros and Main Train Station, Mercado Central, La Lonja, Torres de Quart, Torres de Serrano, Plaza de la Virgin, Porta la Mar, Calle la Paz, Plaza de la Reina, Catedral y Plaza del Ajuntamiento


Route 2: Modern Valencia:

Opera, Hemisfèric, Museum of Arts and Science, Agora and Oceonografico, America´s Cup and Formula 1 Street Circuit, Malvarossa Beach.


Day Trips

Why not treat yourself and loved ones to experience Valencia and surroundings by enjoying your visit without having to do the planning, reservations and driving arround by yourself.

We will be your personal guide for the day and all you have to do is to sit back, relax and let us take care of everything else. We know where to go, what to do, what to eat and drink. And especially during our hot summers you will appreciate to get arround everywhere in an air conditioned car.

With us you will just mingle with the locals and forget that your are a tourist for a moment. We organize special tours according to your own requirements – you deceide.

Albufera National ParkAlbufera National ParkAlbufera National ParkAlbufera National ParkAlbufera National Park

Visit our National Park and spend some time taking a leisure trip in one of the typical BARCAS (fishing boats) on this famous sweet water lagoon. Afterwards savour a delicious PAELLA in El Palmar, El Perellonet, El Saler or Pinedo. This typical original rice dish from Valencia is a must during your visit in Valencia.

Ausserhalb von ValenciaAusserhalb von ValenciaSagunto – Roman Castle and Theater

Approximately 25 minutes outside Valencia you can experience history and visit the city of Sagunto. The castle contains remains of the buildings left by its various inhabitants: Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians.

Caves of San JoséThe caves of San José

If your like the underground than this trip out of town might be just the right thing for you to do. Situated in the valley of Vall d’uixo, a little bit more than an hour’s drive out of Valencia, you can escape the hot summer sun for a while. The visit of this hydrologically active cave lasts for about 40 minutes, mainly covered by boat, and covers approx. 800 meters of its total length of 2,750 meters.

Tomatina BuñolTomatina BuñolTomatina: The Battle of the Tomatoes

It is an unique “Fiesta” in Spain and thousands of visitors from all over the world come to take a bath in an ocean full of tomatoes. It started as a joke many years ago by local villagers and since then every year – on the last Wednesday in August – the village of Buñol turns red.

We can bring you and pick you up – after taking a shower!!!. 😀 – Valencia à la carte.