Q: How to contact valBycar?

A: Just use our contact form. We do not use expensive premium rate phone numbers to get in touch with us or just a simple APP on your mobile phone. Our information is free of charge and we take our pride in spending time for replying to your request. By using valBycar.com you will not hear “all our operators are currently occupied – please hold the line”. And in case you still need to hear a voice and see the face of valBycar.com you can contact us on Skype.

Q: What information do I have to send to valBycar?

A: We just need your personal contact and travel information from you in order to meet you and pick you up. All your information is treated strictly confidential and only submitted to third parties with your prior approval in case we have to make other reservations in your name.

Q: Travelling alone or in groups?

A: We are not a tour operator and like to give a very personal attention to our clients. Generally we attend up to a maximum of 4 passengers at the time. Arrangements for larger groups can be made upon request.

Q: Travelling with Children?

A: Travelling with children is a pleasure for us but sometimes a “pain” for parents. Apart from travelling with your normal luggage nobody really wants to add childseats on top. Spanish regulations make it necessary for passengers to take responsability of the right protection for their children but with us you do not need to worry. Upon request we provide the correct seat for your children free of charge.

Q: How do we meet in Valencia?

A: Prior to your arrival we will give you full details of how and where to meet us. E.g. at the airport we will wait for you at the exit gate at the arrival terminal of Valencia. And just in case, you will allways have a phone number to contact us.

Q: My flight is delayed?

A: We only need to know your flight details in order to check your final arrival time. In case of delay no extra charge will be billed for late arrival.

Q: My trip is cancelled – I paid in advance?

A: In case your flight or trip has been cancelled alltogether and you miss your visit entirely, we kindly ask you to notify us immediately by e-mail, phone call or whatsapp message. And you will receive a full refund of your advanced payment for our services. Possible cancellation fees from third parties might still be charged.

Q: How much and how do I have to pay?

A: Upon receipt of your enquiry you will receive a written offer for our services free of charge and without obligation. You will know exactly what you pay for prior to your arrival. All prices for your personal transport are strictly in accordance with officially authorised taxi fares in the Valencia Area and national territory of mainland Spain at the time of making your reservation. Payment is made either in cash, credit card or by advanced payment.

valBycar.com – do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.