Visit our famous Fallas – large structures made of wood and covered with painted papermache, which in some case reach the height of 20 metres. The main themes and figures – Ninots – cheekly critize almost everything and everyone.

Starting on 1st of March at 2 pm every year with the “Mascletà”, Valenica turns out to become the noisiest and busiest town in Spain. But you have to be strong hearted, as even limited noise levels  are still deafening. Sound is the main protagonist and specialised technicians burn up to 100-120 Kgs of gunpowder masterly orchestrated each time.

During the main event, from March 15th through 19th, Visitors from all over the world come to Valencia  to experience this unique Fiesta which is extraordinary, even for spanish standards.

Finishing on the night of March 19th, St. Joseph´s day, around midnight all Fallas are burned down and it seems that all Valencia is set on fire. More than one Fallero/a cannot hide their tears when their loved Falla turns into ashes, eagerly awaiting to start all over again the following year.

valBycar.com – Early reservations are advisable.